Air systems


Webasto Round grill

Webasto Air systems provide best solutions for cooled air distribution within the boat. Choosing optimized components for your air system ensure low noise at maximal blower speed levels for best cooling performance






Webasto Marine pump

For a stable operation of A/C systems it is essential to have a robust sea water flow in order to cool the condenser and avoid high pressure cut outs of the A/C unit. The sea water pump has to provide this water flow through the A/C unit.






Water systems


Webasto Straight connector

Easy assembly process and reliable application are the characteristics of Webasto water system components.Pre-mounted insulation provides significant savings on installation time for boat builders and a huge range of compatible quick-fitting components makes every installation very easy.




Blower modules


Webasto Blower module

The inline blower modules provide fresh air to or extract air from the cabins (low electrical power consumption).